Comfortable & Custom Nightguards, Pleasanton

Night Guards

Life these days can be stressful! Although most people clench or grind their teeth on occasion, a regular habit can cause headaches, sore neck muscles, abnormal wear on the biting surfaces of the teeth, and erosion notches in teeth at the gum line. Jaw joints can also be affected, resulting in pain, clicking, popping, and locking. Dr. Chalmers can prescribe a custom-fabricated nightguard to help protect your teeth while you sleep. Made of clear bi-layer thermoplastic material molded to the shape of your teeth, our custom night guards are non-bulky and very comfortable.

Snore Guards

Improving the quality of our sleep is an essential component of our overall well-being. Dr. Chalmers can assist you by recommending an appropriate appliance to help reduce or eliminate snoring.

Athletic Mouth Guards

Dr. Chalmers can provide you with a professional level custom athletic mouth guard, with custom colors available. 





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Thermoplastic Night Guard