A Beautiful Smile for Life

Family & Preventive Dentistry

The dental office of Dr. Michele Chalmers believes that the foundation for a healthy beautiful smile for life begins with the basics for the young and young at heart. We provide childrens' dental care and family dental care for all ages. Your professional cleaning will be provided by one of our experienced and gentle registered dental hygienists. There is increasing overwhelming evidence that our overall medical health is closely linked to our oral health, and we approach your cleaning with that in mind. At every appointment we will check your soft tissue, discuss issues such as dry mouth from medications, clenching and grinding due to stress, nutritional habits leading to decay, and orthodontic issues. We will provide personalized advice and create a recall schedule and treatments specially designed for you, such as more frequent cleanings or deep cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, and protective mouth guards.






Established in 1995

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